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Not every thought we think needs to be verbalized with our mouths. I know, it’s a shocking revelation. We all know people who genuinely seem to have no filter or pause between what they think and what they say… these people would benefit greatly from this activity. The visual and physical action of placing the strips of speech either in the head or coming out of the mouth is a brilliant way to distinguish our filter’s results. This can lead to great discussions on impulses, self-control, social skills, and appropriate behaviors.

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Topic: Social Skills, Self-Control, Communication

Supplies Needed: Construction Paper, Markers, Scissors

Prep Time: Some Prep

Activity: Expressive

Age Range: Children & Teens

Thoughts & Suggestions

Try making 1 or 2 large ones (possible door decorations) and use it throughout a week. When a person says something that their mental filter should have prevented them from saying… have them write it down and go stick in in the head.

If doing individual pieces in a group setting, try letting other group members write down phrases that they’ve heard each other say. Then pass them out to whoever spoke them to decide where the words belong.

Try discussing how social norms differ depending on time and place. For example: What may be okay coming out of your mouth around your friends may need to be caught in the filter when you’re with your grandparents.

See a List of Thoughts Vs Speech Prompt Examples Here

If you’re willing to spend a couple dollars, here is a worksheet you can purchase & download. Or draw your own freehand.

Mental Filter Activity

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