How Full is Your Bucket

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Carolyn Mehlomakulu always has creative resources to share. In this group she pairs the reading of a book with hands-on activities to reinforce the message. How Full is Your Bucket is based on the concept that we all have an invisible bucket we carry with us everyday. When we have positive experiences more is added to the bucket and when we have negative experiences, we loose what we already have. I wonder what happens when we have an empty bucket? Nothing left to give?
4 Hands on Activities Include:
What Fills Your Bucket – Simple Drawing Activity
Origami Bucket – Pictured Here
Fill Someone Else’s Bucket – Group Activity
Family Buckets – To be used with Families

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Topic: Coping Skills, Self-Awareness

Supplies Needed: 12×12 Scrapbooking Paper, Construction Paper (Esp. Blue), Markers, Origami Cup Template

Prep Time: Some Prep

Activity: Expressive Activity

Age Range: Children & Teens

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This post by School Counselor Blog has some great ideas on filling other people’s buckets as well.


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