Mini Labyrinths

  • Historically Significant
  • Slow Things Down


Great explanation of a straightforward, classical tool. Take a journey to the center of yourself, pause, and come back out. Many options for introspection exist.

Place your finger at the entrance of the labyrinth and slowly trace your way along the path trying to clear your mind and let your thoughts become quiet. As you go along, perhaps ask yourself “what do I need today?” and wait for the answer at the center of the labyrinth. If the answer is not there, slowly retrace your steps from the center out and try again. Once you have an idea of what you need today, use clay or any art medium you enjoy to create an image of what you need.
“What issue or problem do I need to confront?”
“What change do I need to make?”
“What is a truth or positive attribute I like about myself?”

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Topic: Self-Awareness, Mindfulness, Meditation, Spiritual

Supplies Needed: Printed Labyrinths

Prep Time: Some Prep

Activity: Discussion Activity

Age Range: Any Age


Downloads & Printables

  • Click Here for a PDF Download of a Classical Labyrinth
  • Click Here for a PDF Download of the More Complicated Chartres Labyrinth
  • Click Here for a Comprehensive List with Many Options! (Try the double labyrinths using both hands slowly, at the same time…)


Thoughts & Suggestions

This site offers virtual Labyrinth walk-throughs as well as screensavers.

Try having each person draw their own design, they can be any shape!

Try getting outside and using sidewalk chalk to design full-size labyrinths to walk through!

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