My Feelings Workbook

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Hope 4 Hurting Kids did a phenomenal job putting together this color workbook that covers 50 Emotions! With an index portion at the beginning and a subsequent page dedicated to each feeling separately. The individual pages are consistent with the same prompts:
When I am feeling ________
My face looks like…
My body looks like…
My insides feel like…
What makes me feel _________

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Topic: Emotions & Feelings

Supplies Needed: Print it out.

Prep Time: No Prep (Besides Printing)

Activity: Written Workbook

Age Range: Children & Teens

Thoughts & Suggestions

Could be a good group warm-up, each day focus on another emotion.

Homework between sessions or in a child’s free time. The consistency makes it simple to explain and have them do independently.

Or go through and pick the 5 emotions they think impact them the most or have felt recently and describe those.

Direct Download the PDF Here

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