Instant Comfort Boxes

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Simple matchstick boxes easily transform into pocket-sized self-soothers with this awesome expression group! In this example, Cynthia has her kids use comforting affirmations in the inside of the boxes to combat the troublesome emotions they illustrated on the outside. I love that you can get as creative as you wish with it, from creating elaborate scenes to having accordion or scroll manifestos to simple and straightforward text. Options for this activity are limitless.

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Topic: Anxiety / Affirmations

Supplies Needed: Matchboxes (or printed templates), Cardstock or Notecards, Paper, Markers, Scissors, Glue or Tape

Prep Time: Some Prep (Gathering supplies & emptying matches)

Activity: Expressive

Age Range: Any with some assistance

Thoughts & Suggestions

If you’d rather print out templates and make your own little boxes Click Here for an Excellent Template and Tutorial

For inspiration check out some of these matchbox creations!


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