Don’t Tap the Balloons

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All you need are two different colors of balloons, an open space, and a group of kids to lead these 2 activities by Counselor Keri. A fun way for kids to get out of their seats while practicing healthy behavioral boundaries.

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Topic: Self-Control / Impulse Control

Supplies Needed: 2 Colors of Aired-Up Balloons

Prep Time: Just Supplies

Activity: Physical

Age Range: Children & Teens

Thoughts & Suggestions

If group members master these tasks, try having them complete another task while they pay attention to which balloons to tap. For example they could kick a soccer ball around or name off states and cities. Illustrate that they still need to control their impulses when they’re otherwise distracted.

Or try assigning different members different areas to cover, this teaches them to stay in their boundaries.

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