Affirmation Bracelets

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Alma Stoller provides a step-by-step photo tutorial of these handmade bracelets. She uses quotes and cutouts of words to collage into versatile beauties!

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Topic: Positive Affirmations, Self-Esteem, Self-Talk

Supplies Needed: Strips of Cardstock or Chipboard, Masking Tape, Gesso, Gel Medium, Paint, Quotes (Optional), Scissors

Prep Time: Fair Amount of Prep

Activity: Expressive Activity

Age Range: Any Age

Thoughts & Suggestions

Alma makes quality bracelets here but if you have less time, and usually less resources, you can always use construction paper and regular tape in a pinch.

Try having theme days such as future aspirations, inspirational quotes, relate-able phrases, tumblr quotes, achievements (best smile, hard worker, etc.)

BRAG BRACELETS *Character Traits *Affirmations  *Positive Reinforcement

If you feel like spending $3.50, here’s an option to get 50 templates of “Brag Bracelets” to print and personalize.

Great Ideas!

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