12-Sided Coping/Recovery Dice

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Creative Guide Thru 12-Steps is a great blog with inspiring ideas. It’s easy to get paralyzed in wondering which coping skill to try so you never end up attempting to use any! This dice takes the wonder out of it and makes decisions for you. What does a person have to lose. On their post they also have a great list of coping skills for those in recovery.

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Topic: Coping Skills, Substance Use, Recovery

Supplies Needed: 12 Sided Dice Template, Scissors, Glue or Tape, Markers or Drawing Utensil

Prep Time: Some Prep

Activity: Written/Expressive

Age Range: Any Age

Thoughts & Suggestions

The original source is for recovery but this is easily translatable to everything from coping skills to self-care to even goal setting and moving forward.

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